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Culling Services

2018 Culling Prices
Let us help you take the numbers of from your farm. With a professional team you can sit back and let us do it for you…


Giraffe cow / young Bull
Average Weight: 300-400Kg
Price/Kg: R17/kg
Skin: R500
Total: R5 600 – R7 300

Giraffe Bull
Average Weight: 600-700Kg
Price/Kg: R17/kg
Skin: R500
Total: R10 700 – R12 400

Zebra – average condition
Average Weight: 140Kg
Price/Kg: R17/kg
Skin: R1000
Total:  R3 380

Zebra – good condition
Average Weight: 160-180Kg
Price/Kg: R17/kg
Skin: R1000
Total:  R3 720 – R4 060

Zebra – young/sub adult
Average Weight: 40 – 130Kg
Price/Kg: R17/kg
Skin: **None
Total:  R680 – R2 210

Waterbuck Bull
Average Weight: 80-100Kg
Price/Kg: R22/kg
Skin: **None
Total: R1 760 – R2 200

Waterbuck cow / young bull
Average Weight: 60-80Kg
Price/Kg: R22/kg
Skin: **None
Total: R1 320 – R1 760

BWB Bull
Average Weight: 80-100Kg
Price/Kg: R22/kg
Skin: **None
Total: R1 760 – R2 200

BWB cow / young bull
Average Weight: 40-60Kg
Price/Kg: R22/kg
Skin: **None
Total: R880 – R1 320

**Any subadult zebras – the skin remains the property of the farm owner.

Wildlife Translocation

As the industry has grown and developed so has the service of African Plains Game. We have developed into a business that specialises in the translocation of your Wildlife in a safe and responsible manner. Animal’s health and well-being is our priority and this supersedes all other aspects of the transport of your animals. With our fleet of translocation vehicles we can cater for the translocation of just about any species and look forward to being of service to you and strive to lead by example. We make use of specialised personnel and in conjunction with professionals within the industry we hope to ensure a reputable and reliable service for all parties wishing to trans locate wildlife. We also offer several options when it comes to the passive capture of wildlife.


Farm Trading

We are pleased to add this estate agency platform to our portfolio of businesses. We aim to present you with the same level of expertise and proffesional service – we are fully qualified and registered with the EAAB (Estate Agent Affairs Board) of South Africa. Please let us know what you are looking for – let us full fill your needs and requirements. A dedicated business that prides itself on an in depth knowledge and experience on investors who are looking to invest in land within the Wildlife Industry. We have all the necessary expertise at hand to help you with the acquisition and play an active role in stocking your farm with Wildlife that can further bring value to the investment and make it grow. We have two full time Qualified Estate agents that are registered with the Estate Agents Affairs Board (EAAB) of South Africa – We meet the service requirements and abide by the EAAB’s code of conduct for all Estate agents.

Mass Capture/Boma

Wildlife Trading now has available the services of a professional game capture team to take care of all your mass capture needs. We can do the sorting of your game such as Blue Wildebeest, Gemsbuck and Impala herds, removal of split males from the herds and tagging of female animals. Wildlife Trading can mass capture your plains game and sell it on your behalf, buy it from you or move them to a buyer or auctioneer of your choice. A large variety of vehicles are available from game trailers, 4×4 Samil with crane, Interlinks and Giraffe trailers.



We have several size crates with which to transport game – this helps minimise transport costs for the customer.

  • Crates are more suited towards individual animals or small numbers.
  • We do not hire the crates out but we will gladly facilitate transport with crates at R8/km running.
  • Please ensure that if the animals are insured that the insurance company will cover loss/mortality in this case.
  • It is also advised that the vet sedate the animals for crates quite heavily.

Temperature has a large role with using crates and although crates are well ventilated it is recommended that they be used during the cooler month’s

  • 2-6 Compartment Trailer – R12.00 per running km
  • Rhino Trailer – R14.00 per running km

Small Truck

  • 4.5 Ton Hino
  • 3-6 Individual Compartments
  • Not for use on Buffalo or Eland
  • Price: R15 per running km

Small Truck & Trailer

  • 4.5 Ton Truck (3-6 Compartments)
  • 2-6 Individual Compartment Trailer
  • Price: R17 per running km

Minimum Daily Rate for Small Truck: R3 500


Medium Truck:

  • 7.5 Ton Nissan
  • 3-6 compartments (4m x 3m)
  • One compartment can be divided into two
  • Price: R19 per running km

Medium Truck & Trailer:

  • 7.5 Ton Truck (3-6 compartment 4m x 3m)
  • 2-6 Compartment Trailer
  • Price: R20 per running km

Minimum Daily Rate for Medium Truck: R4 000


Mercedes Horse & Trailer

  • 20 Ton Mercedes
  • 5 – 9 Compartments
  • Price: R20 per running km

Mercedes Horse,Trailer & “Kalfie”

  • 20 Ton Truck (7 -15 Compartments)
  • 2-6 Compartment Trailer
  • 3-6 Compartment “Kalfie”
  • Price: R22 per running km

Minimum Daily Rate for Large Truck: R4 500


All above prices excludes VAT. We do not take risk or liable for mortality on transport. We advise all clients to take out insurance. Please contact us for more information:

Ryan – 084 510 9887 or
Jenny – 073 4848 049 or

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