• A deposit of 50% is payable into the Allocated Account to secure the animals.
  • Please ensure that the deposit payment is confirmed via e-mail by sending us the proof of payment.
  • The proof of payment will be mailed to the seller as proof that the animals are reserved.
  • We will now start with the required permit applications.
  • The buyer & seller are responsible for the required holding / keeping permits applicable to the transaction. This must be submitted to Wildlife Trading to start the required permit application process.
  • As soon as the required permits are in place we will set a loading date that will suit all parties involved.
  • Full payment will be made 3 working days before the capture and loading of animals into the Allocated Account, where the money will be held until such time as the transaction is concluded. This money will be distributed or refunded in accordance with the terms of the said agreement. In the event that the money does not reflect in the Allocated Account before the transaction takes place the buyer will forfeit the deposit and the transaction will be cancelled.
  • Transport is excluded and must be arranged by the buyer. Wildlife Trading may assist with the process on behalf of/on request of the buyer.
  • Insurance and other costs are excluded and must be arranged by the buyer. Wildlife Trading may assist with this process on behalf/on request of the buyer.
  • Seller will ensure that animals are maintained in a healthy & good state until capture date.
  • If the purchase involves the Sale of Buffalo, the animals will be certified clean and a copy of the Blood/test ledgers will be sent to the buyer.
  • Cost of capture is for the sellers’ expense.
  • The animals are sellers’ liability until such time as all animals are loaded onto the transport and certified healthy by Veterinarian, where upon the buyer will take responsibility for mortality, injury, etc.
  • If this purchase is cancelled by the buyer, the buyer will forfeit the deposit.
  • If this purchase is cancelled by any of the parties, the agent’s commission will be payable in full by the party that cancelled the transaction.
  • The deposited amount is fully refundable in the event of the animal not being available / delivered due to unforeseen circumstances by the seller. Sufficient proof will be provided by the seller as to why the said animals could not be delivered.
  • VAT is payable, since the seller is VAT registered.
  • No cash or cheques will be accepted as payment/s.
  • Please note that all bank costs involved with cash deposits payments will the payers liability. Wildlife Trading will send a Tax invoice for reimbursement.
  • Truter & Wessels (Trust account) has an admin fee of R750 + VAT. Buyers please note that Wildlife Trading is not liable and therefore invoice will be send from Wildlife Trading to cover costs regarding payments made in Trust account. Alternatively you can pay the money directly into the Wildlife Trading account with no charge.
  • All animals will be treated with tranquilizers during capture and transport as per the appointed VET on the day.
  • A representative of Wildlife Trading will be present on the loading date to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Should the buyer require the deposit to be invested, the buyer must instruct WLT to do so. This will only be applicable in all future transactions.
  • Mass Capture of animals:
    – There are certain circumstances that are beyond our control. Weather conditions, helicopter, attending vets, vehicles, availability of stock (animals); etc on the farm and whether the animals can be herded into mass capture boma. There is no control over age, sex and numbers with regards to mass capture. Tagging of animals at mass capture involves physically restraining and applying the tags. This results in extra stress and handling with in turn leads to possible injury and mortality.
    – Wildlife Trading and their representative’s will do everything within their ability to insure that the correct animals and numbers are loaded.
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